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International Insurances

Travel Assistance and Medical Evacuation Coverage

UMass faculty, students and employees traveling abroad on approved University business are covered by the University's emergency travel assistance plan administered by AXA Assistance USA, Inc. (AXA).  AXA provides assistance with medical, security, and natural disaster evacuation, as well as travel assistance. This plan does not provide flight insurance or health insurance abroad. Please review the UMass/AXA travel assistance benefits document for full details.  

Plan benefits include:

  • Medical and security evacuation services for emergencies plus repatriation benefits anywhere in the world
  • Natural and political disaster evacuation coverage
  • Travel assistance including legal advice and lost document assistance
  • Coordination of payment for medical services rendered abroad – please read the following points carefully:
    • In a medical emergency, AXA can assist in paying a medical provider for your medical expenses in order for you to secure treatment.
    • This would be done only with authorization from your employer.
    • These expenses are ultimately your responsibility to pay. If AXA is able to collect medical insurance information from you, they will attempt to coordinate benefits with your primary health insurer at the time you are receiving care.
    • You will need to submit a claim with your primary health insurer.

What if I want to combine personal and UMMS travel?

The above travel insurance is only for approved UMMS travel.  The policy may cover up to seven (7) days of personal deviations in connection with a covered trip.  If your personal travel (including home journey) exceeds this "sojourn" coverage period you are HIGHLY advised to secure personal travel insurance.  Many providers offer online purchase options - visit to start your search.

Please direct any questions about coverage to  

Medical Malpractice Coverage

UMMS faculty and students have medical malpractice/professional liability insurance coverage for humanitarian activities (service/education/research) outside of the U.S., provided that they have registered and received approval for the travel/experience.  This coverage extends to all countries in the world. However, this professional liability coverage is limited as follows:

  • Medical staff will only be covered for activities approved within their license
  • This coverage is limited to suits/legal litigation filed in the United States, its territories and/or Canada
  • Students and trainees will only be covered for activities approved within their level of education and training according to the UMMS curriculum.
  • Medical students are only approved for clinical work appropriate to their education level and under the following conditions:
    • Provision of liability coverage by the host institution, documentation required;
    • Provision of adequate clinical liability coverage by a third party, documentation required.
    • Unless one of these circumstances is met, medical students are not permitted to complete clinical international electives. Students must meet with Dr. Melissa Fischer prior to travel approval to discuss their insurance coverage

Note: Malpractice coverage does not include coverage for suits brought in other jurisdictions. It is the strong recommendation of UMMS that you purchase additional professional liability insurance coverage from the country of destination when you travel out of the United States to ensure proper insurance coverage for any suits/legal litigation brought against you in your country of destination. Please contact ISS with any questions.

Car Rentals while Abroad

When renting cars for University business outside of the US, employees should follow the following guidelines: Car rentals Abroad

  • Purchase the Liability Insurance offered by the rental company, if not already included in an existing contract
  • If paying with University issued business credit card/procard/travel card: Decline the Physical Damage Insurance (CDW/LDW) offered by the rental company.
  • If paying with a purchase order or personal credit card: Purchase the Physical Damage Insurance (CDW/LDW) offered by the rental company. Always purchase the physical damage insurance if renting a van that carries more than eight passengers.

In case of third party damage or a claim please contact ISS. You may also refer to the UMass Travel Insurance page for more information about policies and claims.

For Emergency Assistance
Contact UMass Travel Assistance
Phone (24/7/365):
+1.630.694.9764 (Worldwide)
+1.855.327.1414 (in US)
Policy #: ADD N10892508