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Emergency Support

1.      SITUATIONAL MONITORING: ISS monitors dynamics in locations with current and near term UMMS travel. In case of a major deterioration in conditions ISS will contact contact the traveler.

2.      MAJOR EXTERNAL INCIDENTIn the event of a major external incident like an earthquake or terrorist attack, ISS will attempt to confirm well-being.  If the surrounding situation has seriously deteriorated and/or there is an ongoing threat to individual health and safety (e.g., social/political upheaval or disease outbreak), ISS will convene a meeting with senior administraiton, the traveler and/or school/project leadership. If conditions are deemed too unsafe to continue, the UMMS traveler(s) may be required to return to UMMS or their home location.  

3.      PERSONAL EMERGENCY:  Emergency assistance for a health, safety or security incident is available through the UMass Travel Insurance program, US embassies, local policy and emergency services.  Typically the best port of call is the UMass Travel Assistance Program (AXA), but the best resource may vary depending on circumstance

  • If unable to get adequate support and/or in case of urgent questions, call the UMMS Emergency Line at 1.508.340-0565. 

Contact Us

International Support Services
Email: internationalSupport
Phone: 508.856.5746
Emergency Number:
508.556.4498 (24/7) 
UMass Travel Assistance 
Policy: ADDN10892508
1-866-693-6873(US Toll Free)
1-312-935-9242(Direct Dial)