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Planning an International Project

International Projects can take many forms but activities can generally be placed into one of the following categories:

  1. Research and Collaboration
  2. Training/Student Experience (Inbound and Outbound)
  3. Direct Clinical Care (including Service/Medical Missions)

Each of these types of activities needs appropriate front end approvals and careful documentation. ISS serves as a clearinghouse for questions and international project support needs. Please review the content on this site and contact ISS with any questions.

  • Any project that has "foreign component" as defined by the NIH constitutes a Foreign Project and must be registered with the Office of Research using the UMMS Foreign Project Registration form.
  • An experience that involves only travel (e.g., travel attend a conference or symposium) is not generally considered an "international project" and therefore does not require a foreign project registration, but it must be registered through the UMMS Travel Registration portal.

International Project Operations

When developing a proposal for global activities, you should consider a range of factors beyond those associated with the same work conducted domestically. Operational considerations for global activities may include:

  • Determination of what type of legal registration (and/or registration with other host country authorities) and/or legal agreements (MOU/LOA/etc.) are required 
  • Compliance with local employment and contractor services laws
  • Effects of currency exchange rates on program budgets
  • Ensuring the health, safety, and security of participants
  • Ensuring availability of funds in-country for local expenses
  • Purchasing and shipping logistics
  • Visa and work permit requirements in-country for participants
  • Technology infrastructure in host country to support activities
  • Export control laws

Support in navigating these challenges is available from the International Support Services team. ISS can help you evaluate and mitigate international risks and connect you to the appropriate UMMS office and experts to get your project approved and set up for success. Contact ISS to set up a consultation - the earlier you reach out, the better!