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All Infectious Diseases Fellows are encouraged to participate in basic or clinical research and three-year fellowships are available. Additional opportunities exist for extended training, as well as a pathway to obtain a Ph.D. in an area related to inflammation and/or infectious diseases. 

The Division of Infectious Diseases houses one of the most highly respected research groups in the world. We currently have a portfolio that exceeds $13 million annually in external support for research. Our faculty consists of world renowned experts in the areas of innate immunity and inflammation, as well as the pathogenesis of viral diseases such as influenza, Dengue Fever, Chikungunya and Zika. Additional areas of expertise include fungal pathogenesis, malaria and other parasitic diseases. The Program in Innate Immunity is housed in our Division, and includes researchers in inflammatory diseases such as Systemic Lupus Erythematosis, Alzheimer’s Disease and atherosclerosis. This program sponsors the Innate Immunity Data Club, an annual “Toll Day” and a triennial international meeting known as the “Toll Meetings”, which have attracted some of the most distinguished scientists in the world, including several Nobel laureates. 

The research interests and portfolios of the Division members are available online. We encourage applicants to contact faculty members directly at any time during the application process if they are interested in developing a career involving scholarship. Applicants should also feel free to contact our Division Chief, Dr. Golenbock, to discuss research opportunities at UMass.