Community Access Mobile Evaluation Laboratory (CAMEL)

The Community Access Mobile Evaluation Laboratory (CAMEL) allows IDDRC investigators to use portable equipment to include diverse populations in their research programs previously unavailable as participants.

          Community Access Mobile Evaluation Lab

 Eye scan equipment - participant's view

The Clinical and Translational Research Support Core’s service will bring portability to research technologies available only in fixed locations in the past. The primary objective is to reach diverse, geographically distributed populations of persons with neurodevelopmental disabilities. CAMEL offers:

  • Computer-based and tabletop behavioral evaluation and research protocol implementation within its mobile laboratory environment
  • Electrophysiological measurement of neurophysiological correlates of behavior, including assessment of sensory functions (vision, hearing, etc.)
  • Otoacoustic emissions, essential for hearing evaluations for individuals whose understanding of instructions is limited
  • Eye movement and visual attention analysis
  • Video recording of participants’ interactions with staff and/or research procedures
  • Full access to participants with physical disabilities

The mobile laboratory is funded by grants from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (HD04147) and the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA C76 HF16095-01-00).

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