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Mission and Vision


Generating solutions for today’s challenges across clinical and health sciences research, professional education, and healthcare delivery.


To promote the highest quality of health care and practice, through state-of-the art simulation education and innovation, across the spectrum of health professions and the continuum of health sciences education.

About iCELS

iCELS strives to be THE SIMULATION HUB for excellence in education, training, research and innovation - serving our campus, clinical partner, affiliates and the greater New England community. As a campus-based, community-wide resource, the iCELS brings together a diverse array of teachers and learners, forging new partnerships that will build a community of simulation talent and expertise at UMMS and beyond.

Our working model of interprofessional education creates the ideal learning environment for promoting patient safety and advancing quality care through experiential learning and team-based teaching, training and practice. The ideal learning environment of iCELS will foster learner centered teaching, life-long learning through deliberate practice; robust performance-based assessment and the special opportunity to learn in safe and risk-free setting.

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