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Our Services

Single Cell Gene Expression Analysis

We can help you to capture up to 96 live single cells and analyze them for up to 96 different gene expressions. C1 System (an automated single cell capturing instrument) is located at Flow Cytometry Core at UMass Medical School. After you capture, harvest, perform cDNA and Preamplify your cell on C1 chips in automated fashion. You can bring your prepared single cells and gene expression assays to us for performing high-throughput gene expression analysis.

miRNA and Gene Expression Profiling

Our High-Throughput Gene Expression laboratory can help you analyze hundreds or thousands of miRNAs and / or Gene Expression analysis on hundreds to thousands of samples in a very short time with a small budget. Using gold standard qPCR method for your miRNA and / or gene expression studies provides you very sensitive and reproducible data. Unlike RNAseq high abundant miRNAs or genes are not a problem on qPCR analysis.

RNA Sequencing

We can sequence your human or mouse RNA samples in 36 hours with our targeted RNAseq methods. No need for rRNA removal. We are using Ampliseq human and mouse panels to create targeted libraries and perform sequencing analysis on IonTorrent Proton platform. You will receive mapped data. Basic quantification analysis can be done as well.

Protein qPCR Analysis

We can detect 92 proteins level in 92 samples simultaneously in less than 24 hours. Samples can be plasma, serum, cell lysates, urine etc. Only 1 ul sample  is enough. Results are relative protein expression. There are 15 panels (92 proteins in each panel) to choose from for human and 1 panel for mouse.  Samples can be body fluids such as plasma, serum or tissue samples, cell lysates etc.

Other Services:

High-Throughput miRNA Inhibitor & Mimic Transfection

Up to 96 miRNA inhibitors or mimics at a time can be transfected to desired cell line and up to 96 gene expression level can be analyzed in a few days with low cost. More than 2,500 miRNA inhibitors and mimics are available. Nucleofector 96 shuttle system is also available for hard to transfect cells. 

SNP Genotyping

Ninety-six samples can be analyzed for 96 SNPs in under 3 hours. Standard TaqMan SNP assays can be used. Users may also choose to submit their SNPs for SNPtype assay design service provided by Fluidigm ( You can also use rhAmp SNP Genotyping Assays from IDT DNA Technologies ( Please contact us for more information.

High-Throughput Immunoassay Analysis

Our laboratory can run up to 7 different ELISA assays from same set of samples at once robotically. This avoids freeze-thawing of samples as the assays can be run simultaneously by utilizing scheduling software integrated into the liquid handling robot software and a liquid sensing Varispan pipetting arm. Please contact us for more information.