O-1 Extraordinary Ability

The O-1 visa status may be an option for researchers who are highly distinguished in their fields (in the top 10% of the field) who will work in that field at UMMS. Decisions regarding UMMS support of an O-1 application are made by Immigration Services. However, unlike other non-immigrant visa statuses (ie. H-1B, F-1, J-1), UMMS sponsored O-1 petitions are prepared and submitted by an approved attorney on behalf of the institute. All related processing and attorney fees are the responsibilty of the sponsoring department, unless other arrancements have been made with the employee.  

O-1 status may be requested initially for no more than three years but may be renewed subsequently in one-year increments. A UMMS appointment is only authorized once the individual has obtained the O-1 immigration status, unless that individual is already in the United States in a valid status that includes employment authorization. If an individual is in O-1 status for employment elsewhere, that individual is not authorized for employment at UMMS until/unless UMMS also files and obtains approval of an O-1 petition.

The spouse and children of O-1s may obtain O-3 status. They may not work under any circumstances.