J-1 Visa - Other Options for Sponsorship

University of Massachusetts Medical School administers its own J programs. Immigration Services sponsors eligible researchers/teachers and graduate students. For more information and eligibility requirements, see our J sponsorship guidelines.

If you wish to invite someone to UMMS who does not qualify for UMMS visa sponsorship (ie. undergraduate students, recent recipients of bachelor degrees, etc.), you may investigate the possibility of having the J-1 visa sponsored by one of the organizations listed below. 

*Please Note: All international visitors must register with the Immigration Services, regardless of the agency that issued the J-1 document.  All UMMS Immigration fees apply. 

Most agencies require at least fourt to six weeks processing time and charge a program fee based on the program type and duration. Please contact agencies directly for information about specific programs, costs, program limits, required documentation and processing timelines.

 These listings are provided to assist you in your search for appropriate visa sponsorship. They do not represent specific endorsements.