Genomics for Clinical Practice and Research

About the Course

814 Genomics for Clinical Practice and Research is a graduate level online course offered through the UMMS Graduate School of Nursing to master’s prepared nurses and health care professionals (or in a master’s program). The course focuses on the principles of genetics and genomics within application to health care practice.

This course provides the foundation to use genetics and genomic concepts in advanced practice and clinical research. The principles of human and molecular genetics including variations, patterns of inheritance and multifactorial inheritance will be discussed. Gene action and expression, cytogenetics, the Human Genome Project, genetics terminology and basic principles of laboratory methods used in genetics and genomics will be examined.

The evolving principles of epigenetics, nutrigenomics, and pharmacogenomics in patient care and research will be explored with attention given to the associated ethical, legal and social implications. Inherited and acquired health conditions will be used to illustrate the impact of genetics and genomics on nursing practice and on opportunities for research.

Course Details

  • Fully online 3 credit graduate level course with three dates as synchronous online classes
  • This course is offered online with three synch sessions on Tuesday evenings from 7-10pm on May 16, June 6 and June 27 2017 using Blackboard Collaborate
  • Course start date: May 16th 2017 (Tuesday)
  • Course end date: July 11th 2017 (Tuesday)
  • Course Length: 8 Weeks
  • Registration is currently open and ends May 15th
  • This course is offered only in the summer (i.e. once a year)
  • Tuition:
    • In-state students - $550 per credit course
    • Out-of-state students - $825 per credit course
    • The course requires a book (additional cost)

Limited Seats

Due to the amount of content offered, we want to make sure that each person registered gets the attention he/she needs. Therefore, spaces are limited and there is no over-enrollment for this course. If you have any questions, please let us know.

Next Steps

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