FAQs for Incoming Students

When do I register for classes?

All first-year students take the same courses in the first semester of their first year. Your first semester registration is handled by the Graduate School office and the office of the Registrar. After your first semester, you will receive information regarding registration dates and course descriptions for each semester. 

How much are tuition and fees?

Tuition and fees for all graduate students are waived. 

How do I know if I qualify as a Massachusetts resident?

Although tuition and fees are waived for all students, it is important for the Graduate School and the Bursar's office to know whether you are enrolled as a Massachusetts resident during your graduate work. You must fill out a Proof of Residency form prior to your start or at Orientation. Students typically qualify as Massachusetts residents if they live in the state for one year prior to matriculation for purposes other than schooling or if their family has Massachusetts residency and they have left the state for schooling and not established residency elsewhere. Your classification as a Massachusetts resident or non-resident is established at the time of your matriculation and will not change during your time in the graduate school.

If you are on a visa you are a non-Massachusetts resident.

When and where do I get my student ID card?

Student IDs are obtained at the Public Safety office on Level A of the main Medical School building. You will be receive information from the Graduate School or the Registrar about getting your ID. 

When and where do I get a parking pass?

You may get an annual parking pass at the Public Safety office when you get your ID card.  Students park in the Plantation Street Garage at a rate of $4.00/week which is deducted from their paycheck.  Shuttle buses run every 7 - 10 minutes from the garage to the Third Road shuttle drop off, weekdays from 5:30am to 9:00pm.  Students are allowed to park on campus after 5:00pm Mon-Fri and on weekends and holidays.  Click here to see a map with the Plantation Street Garage:    http://http://inside.umassmed.edu/parking/index.aspx

How do I get an email account?

A umassmed.edu email account will be established for you. You will receive an email from Information Services or from the Registrar with instrucitons on how to activate your account.  If you haven't received this email by July 1, please contact Ginna Behn at virginia.behn@umassmed.edu.   

As an international student, do I need to meet with anyone at the university upon my arrival?

Once you arrive in Worcester, you should plan to meet with the Immigration Services Office as soon as possible. You can contact them at immigrationservices@umassmed.edu for an appointment.  At that time, you will also be instructed on how to apply for a Social Security card.  

What is the student stipend?

The annual stipend for GSBS PhD students for the Academic Year 2015-16 is $30,000. This is treated as taxable income. Completed tax forms are required to declare federal and state deductions, if any, that you will be taking. Stipends are not taxed for Social Security or Medicare. International Students: Some countries may be “Tax Exempt” and you should contact the Immigration Services Office for that information. Depending on how many deductions are taken, take home pay will range between $1,700 - $1,800 per month. 

What kind of insurance benefits are offered?

All full time GSBS PhD students receive health, dental and disability insurance. The premiums are paid by the Graduate School office.  Insurance for spouses or dependents is available at additional cost to the student. If you already have adequate health insurance coverage from another source (spouse, parent, etc.), you can be reimbursed for your coverage up to the cost of the UMMS student health insurance plan.  Contact the Graduate Office for more information.  PGSP students do not receive disability insurance. 

Please note that enrollment in dental insurance is not automatic.  You will receive an email this summer with instructions on how to enroll in dental insurance. 

Reimbursement for your own medical insurance coverage is not automatic.  You need to initiate the process at the end of each academic year. 

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