Forms and Policies: Dean Terence Flotte's Memo on Global Health Program Updates

To: UMass Worcester Faculty, Department Heads, Administrators

From: Terence Flotte, MD

Celia and Isaac Haidak Professor of Medical Education
Dean, Provost and Executive Deputy Chancellor
University of Massachusetts Medical School

Katherine Luzuriaga, MD
Associate Provost of Global Health
Chief, Division of Pediatric Immunology and Infectious Diseases
Professor of Pediatrics and Program in Molecular Medicine

Donna Gallagher, APRN-C, MS, ANP, FAAN, MA
Co-Director for Global Health
Instructor, Division of Family Practice, Graduate School of Nursing

Date: March 5, 2012

The Office of Global Health has updated programs and support systems to facilitate the development and implementation of Global Health clinical, research, and educational projects.

Do you have a foreign project or are you planning to start one?

If so, please review our Foreign Project Policy and complete a Foreign Project Registration Form. Completion of this form registers your project with the Office of Global Health and allows the institution to provide the administrative, financial and/or legal support that is critical to the success of your project. It will also allow interested collaborators, trainees and students to contact you through our Global Health Project Database. Foreign Project Registration Forms must be submitted at the time of extramural grant applications and a minimum of 30 days prior to the project start date. Foreign Projects must be approved by Office of Global Health and the International Project Administration Task Force prior to project initiation.

Are you planning to travel internationally in 2012?

Please review our Travel Policies and complete our quick and easy online Travel Registration Form. Travel registration and approval for travel are required for coverage by the UMass-sponsored AIG international travel insurance. Be sure to also check out our website for comprehensive information on traveler safety and security precautions.

Are you initiating a partnership with an international institution or organization?

Here is the institutional protocol for establishing a Memorandum of Understanding. You may also want to check out our extensive listing of internal and external grant opportunities.


Travel registration form:

Traveler safety and security precautions:

Foreign project registration form: For the most recent version of the form, visit our homepage and click on the Quicklink “Foreign Project Registration” under the left navigation bar 

Memoranda of Understanding:

Internal and External Grant Opportunities: 

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