The Rosalie Wolf Interdisciplinary Geriatric Health Care Research Center supports innovative, interdisciplinary research.  Each pilot study involves investigators from a variety of disciplines (e.g., nursing, sociology, geriatric medicine, epidemiology, human development, psychology) and relates to our research themes of patient safety, health communication, and care of chronic disease.

Pilot Studies

Kathleen Miller, RN EdD is leading a pilot study entitled, "Intervening to improve medication safety during transition from hospital to skilled nursing facility: Evaluation of a medicationreconciliation program." Investigators: Kathleen H. Miller (Nursing), Alice Bonner (Nursing), Jennifer Tjia (Geriatric Medicine), Becky Briesacher (Economics/Health Services Research), Sarah McGee (Geriatric Medicine), Eileen F. Terrill (Nursing). 

Jan Mutchler, PhD is leading a pilot study entitled, "What impact does patient-physician communication and trust have in follow-up mammogram screening among older breast cancer survivors?"  Investigators: Jan Mutchler(Social Gerontology), Terry Field (Epidemiology), Elizabeth Dugan (Geriatric Medicine), Katie Dodd (Geriatrics).

Kathleen Mazor, EdD is leading a pilot study entitled, "Patient education about anticoagulation medication: Are anecdotes or evidence more effective?"  Investigators: Kathy Mazor (Psychology), Joann Baril (Psychology), Elizabeth Dugan (Geriatric Medicine), Fred Spencer (Cardiovascular Medicine), Pamela Burgwinkle(Nursing), Jerry Gurwitz (Geriatric Medicine). 

Dr. Mazor is also leading another pilot study, "Patient's Views about Osteoporosis and Use of Therapy".  Investigators: Kathy Mazor (Psychology), Robert Yood(Rheumatology),Sarah Velten(Geriatrics)

Jennifer Tjia, MD, MSCE is leading a pilot study entitled, "Patterns of care and medication use of older patients with diabetes".  Investigators: Jen Tjia (Geriatric Medicine), Susan Andrade (Pharmacoepidemiology), Joann Baril (Psychology), Jerry Gurwitz (Geriatric Medicine).

Jill M. Terrien MS, RN, APRN, BC  is leading a pilot study entitled, "Exploration of next of kin perceptions of end of life care in the nursing home setting". Investigators: Jill M. Terrien (Nursing), Petra Flock (Geriatric Medicine). 

Jane Saczynski, PhD is leading a pilot study entitled, "Cognitive Impairment in Community Dwelling Older Adults w/ Heart Failure".  Investigators: Jane Saczynski (Geraitric Medicine), Robert J. Goldberg (Epidemiology), Stephenie Lemon (Preventive&Behavioral Medicine) Theo E. Meyer (Cardiovascular Medicine), Linda Cabral (Center for Health Policy and Research).

Dr. Saczynski is also leading another pilot study entitled, "Cognitive Impairment and Self-Care in Heart Failure". Investigators:  Jane Saczynski (Geriatric Medicine), Robert J. Goldberg (Epidemiology), Jerry Gurwitz (Geriatric Medicine).


Grants Awarded

Identifying promising practices and policies to improve community based mental health services for older adults in Massachusetts.  Dugan, E., Division of Geriatric Medicine, Massachusetts Executive Office of Elder Affairs and Commonwealth Medicine.  The Center had a medium impact on this grant (interdisciplinary research).

Improving Posthospital Medication Management of Older Adults Through Health IT.  Jerry Gurwitz, Division of Geriatric Medicine, AHRQ.  Modest impact (interdisciplinary research, but follows the PI’s long interest in topic).

 Enhancing the safety of warfarin in the nursing home.  Jerry Gurwitz, Division of Geriatric Medicine, AHRQ.  Modest impact (interdisciplinary research, but follows the PI’s long interest in topic).

Changing LANES: How can local area networks for excellence (LANES) overcome data entry barriers for nursing homes the advancing excellence campaign?  Alice Bonner, Graduate School of Nursing, The Commonwealth Fund.

Integrated Geriatrics Education: A Model Curriculum across the Medical Continuum. Gurwitz, J., Pugnaire, M. Division of Geriatrics and Educational Affairs. $2,000,000. Donald W Reynolds Foundation. The existence of the Center strengthened the application by providing an example of geriatric health research and education being conducted at UMMS

Cost-related nonadherence and the Health of Older Adults. Briesacher, B. Division of Geriatrics. National Institute on Aging, Research Scientist Development Award  (K01AG031836) 2008-2013. Center faculty mentored Dr. Briesacher. 

To find out more about the research activities of the Center, call Jane Saczynski 508-856-6944

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