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Teaching on FMIS

Bedside Rounds
The Inpatient Director, hospitalists, and health center faculty round with residents both formally and informally at the bedside in an effort to provide point-of-care teaching. Our experienced family medicine hospitalists admit 1200 patients yearly.

While on FMIS residents cover many of these patients, receiving intensive teaching from the full-time hospitalist faculty, several of whom have been awarded "Inpatient Teacher of the Year" by the residents. Resident teams also have the opportunity to round with Barre health center faculty and the Shrewsbury Family Medicine practice to broaden their exposure to different styles of inpatient medical care.

Didactics include lecutres and morning report-style, case-based lectures and discussions.  Hospitalist faculty present core hospital medicine topics.  Additionally, behavioral health experts, palliative care physicians, therapists and other guest lectures also contribute.  

Lectures occur every morning and cover a number of subjects. Several conferences each month are devoted to the subject competencies put forth by the Society of Hospital Medicine. Visiting lecturers from cardiology,palliative care, behavioral health, pharmacy, and nutrition services also provide teaching during this protected time.

The ability to access and use technology to efficiently retrieve relevant information is key to providing high-quality, evidence-based medical care. Our electronic health record is Epic which was newly instituted in 2018.  Our residents use work station on wheels for daily rounding and for bedside patient care so that Epic information is at their fingertips.  


Residents have a locked work and conference room on  where they sign out in the morning and evening and have didactics. Three computers and a printer are located in this room for access to the EMR and internet-based resources. This space is also for relaxation and includes a recliner couch, television, refrigerator, and microwave. Residents have made this room their own with a wall of photos and quotes and other additions over the years. It is not unusual for family medicine residents rotating on other services to come by the conference room to visit with colleagues. There are also two call rooms on the floor for the intern and senior on the nightfloat or on-call team.

Additional Information
We are proud of our Family Medicine Inpatient Service for the outstanding teaching provided, the variety of disease pathologies presented, the quality medical care bestowed on our patients with the help of a collegial multidisciplinary team approach, and the growth and development experienced by our residents throughout their three years on the service. For more information about FMIS, please feel free to contact the director by e-mail. We look forward to hearing from you!