Landmark Health Reform in Massachusetts

On April 12, 2006, Massachusetts became the first state in the country to require nearly all of its residents to have health insurance coverage. This type of health care access and coverage had been a goal of politicians, health care advocates, business leaders and policy analysts for over 20 years in our state. 

We invite you to consider the benefits of training in Massachusetts, the national leader in health insurance reform!


What does the law do?
- Requires nearly all adults to carry health insurance
- Makes more poeple eligible for Medicaid (MassHealth)
- Promises better Medicaid rates to health care providers
- Created a Cost and Quality Council to address key health care concerns
- Created the Commonwealth Health Connector, an independent state agency that adminsters much of the law.

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"Massachusetts now has a 98% coverage rate, the best in the nation, by far. About 439,000 Massachusetts residents are newly insured. Nearly all children (99.8%) and seniors (99.6%) have health insurance. Furthermore, racial and ethnic disparities in health coverage have been significantly reduced..." 
                                         Top Ten Facts About Massachusetts Health Care Reform


"Is national health insurance reform good for Massachusetts? Yes. It will support and expand health insurance programs that are already in place and working." 
                                         FAQs: National Health Insurance Reform and Massachusetts

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