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Hahnemann Family Health Center

What We Offer

The Hahnemann Family Health Center (Lincoln Street) is an urban academic group practice located in a state-of-the-art facility within the Hahnemann Hospital Campus of UMass Memorial Health Care. Our practice is a patient-centered medical home that is employing the most up-to-date care strategies making the learning environment extremely rich. Our philosophy is one of continuous quality improvement and we employ innovative tools to offer a full range of services to our patients.

Practice Innovations
 Patient-centered medical home
· Comprehensive care clinic
· Hahnemann serves as a model cell within our institution for leading the way in practice improvement  
· Integrated behavioral science care with dual interviews
· Chronic care model
· Open access scheduling

· Family-centered maternity care

· Full spectrum of reproductive health options
· Procedures including colposcopy, IUD insertion/removal, endometrial biopsy, joint injections, skin excisions, cryosurgery, splinting 
· College Health at three major colleges in Worcester
· Nursing home care
· Home visits
· Psychology /Psychiatry
· On-site lab and radiology
· Pharmacy

Our Community
We serve an ethnically and socioeconomically diverse urban population. The majority of the patients cared for at the health center reside in Worcester and the surrounding towns. About half of our patients participate in the state Medicaid program or are covered under expanded state mandated coverage. These individuals are among the most vulnerable individuals in our society.  We are proud of the difference we make in caring for their health problems related to urban poverty. 

Our patients include blue collar and white collar workers, stay-at-home parents, students, lawyers and other professionals. The cultural mix of Hahnemann Health Center's patients reflects the ethnic diversity of Worcester. We care for a proportionate number of Latinos, African Americans, Southeast Asians, and immigrants from the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Central and South America, and Africa. Our patients represent a large diversity of ethnicities and come from all walks of life.  All patients also have access to a very reliable and proficient Translation Service as needed.


Our Commitment to Residents

Academic coaching
Each resident is assigned to an academic coach from among our talented faculty. Coaches help each resident set and meet individual goals through a process of mentoring throughout the three years of residency.

Individualized education
1:1 precepting sessions, team precepting, cross-shadowing, videotape review, quality improvement projects, academic projects

Learning opportunities abound
We are here to care for patients and teach about all aspects of clinical care. Residents have opportunities to learn many procedures. Our motto is that “no procedure should go un-residented.”

Academic environment
Daily case conferences (chart rounds), regular topical conferences, pharmacy rounds with our pharmacy faculty, chronic pain rounds, humanities conferences, specialty consultant clinical teaching and conferences, and the  opportunity to teach medical students

A supportive practice environment
As participants in our health center group practice, residents partner with faculty to care for our patients together. We have a terrific team of staff members who help us achieve excellence.

Hahnemann Family Health Center is comprised of an innovative health care team with a shared vision for caring for our patients and our learners in a setting of continuous improvement. We are an integrated primary care site that is a medical home for a diverse patient population and a professional home for a team with diverse interests and expertise. We excel in educational opportunities for comprehensive women’s health. Our residents are trained to be leaders in family medicine and have ample opportunities for individualized personal and professional development over their 3 years immersed in our learning lab

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