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Introducing Our Simulators!

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All simulators are capable of real-time responses (eg. cardiac rhythms, pupillary response, speech) to interventions by learners during a particular scenario.
Susie® S2000
An adult female simulator that teaches learners everything from the female breast exam to ACLS code management. 


Pediatric Hal Five-Year ® (left) and One-Year®
Pediatric simulators that teach learners the skills required to resuscitate a child with respiratory arrest, cardiac arrest, or seizure.                                  

                  sim6       sim5

Noelle® S575 and Newborn Hal ®
Teaches learners the technical skills required for cervical exams, vaginal delivery, and perineal laceration repair, as well as management of obstetrical complications, including shoulder dystocia, breech delivery, and postpartum hemorrhage.

 noel baby   

SonoMan System
Teaches learners how to perform ultrasound, including trauma survey, abdominal ultrasound, and echocardiogram.