Maternity Care (Heywood Hospital, Gardner, MA)

During PGY-1 year, we spend four weeks at Heywood Hospital in Gardner, MA. This community hospital, approximately 15 minutes from the Fitchburg clinic, is an ideal location for hands-on experience.

The OB/GYN and Family Physicians we work with are eager to convey their knowledge and skills. The UMass Fitchburg residents are the only learners on the floor, and we have the opportunity to manage NSTs and rule-out labors, first assist in all c-sections and perform many of the vaginal deliveries. We are responsible for writing orders/progress notes, communicating with physicians in the community, and can follow patients through post-partum/discharge.
The nursing staff is also very supportive of our learning needs and work with our schedule to give access to the most opportunities for deliveries. OB at Heywood Hospital is a perfect spot whether you are thinking about doing obstetrics in your future practice or simply want to gain some experience in the field.

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