ACTION Health Services

ACTION Health Services (Accessible, Comprehensive, Treatment In Our Neighborhoods) is one of four health centers operated by Community Health Connections, Inc. Using a combination of mobile health units and a more traditional Healthcare for the Homeless clinic, ACTION provides medical, behavioral health, and dental services in Fitchburg and at sites throughout the region.

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"I accompanied Pam (our NP) and Marcy as we spent a day reaching out to underserved neighborhoods and communities with the goal of providing primary care services to all ages. The van was equipped with EMR, a fax machine and a fully functional examination room. The least I was able to do was to make sure people saw their PCP for follow-up and we made appointments for them at our health center."

Awais Siddiki, MD, 2011 graduate
Umass Fitchburg Family Medicine Residency

ACTION provides:

- Primary medical care on our RV-type mobile medical unit which travels to locations throughout the region and at our ‘in-house’ clinic located on the first floor of the Fitchburg CHC;

- Behavioral health counseling (individual and group) at CHC’s land-based health centers in Fitchburg, Leominster, and Gardner and at GVNA’s offices in Fitchburg and Gardner;

- Preventive dental services at the Winchendon Housing Authority’s Pearl Drive development;

- Supportive services including health insurance application assistance, referrals to additional programs and services, patient transportation, and a patient food pantry.

Our caring and community-oriented staff includes physicians, nurse practitioners, licensed practical nurses, psychologists, psychiatrists, behavioral health counselors, dentists, medical and dental assistants, community health workers, and administrators.  

If you would like more info about applying for a visiting student elective with ACTION  (Family Medicine elective number FC-429) please click here.



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