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Application Requirements

Application Information

Prior completion of all doctoral degree requirements in clinical or counseling psychology from an APA/CPA-accredited program is required. The program requires either an APA/CPA- accredited internship or an internship meeting APPIC standards. We give preference to candidates with demonstrated experience in primary care, family medicine, and behavioral medicine/health psychology. Successful candidates commonly have practicum and internship experiences in primary care settings. Family therapy training is also valued.  

Bilingual (English/Spanish) candidates are especially sought after. Candidates who show enthusiasm for working in a diverse workforce with a diverse patient population are also sought. Minority and candidates with disabilities are strongly urged to apply. 

We are an APPIC affiliated program and will follow their guidance about post-doctoral selection processes and timing. We adhere to the APPIC uniform notification date for post-doctoral selection. 

This is a two-year position. Advancement to year two is expected and encouraged. During the first-year fellows will be asked to sign a commitment letter confirming their acceptance of a second year of training. In rare instances, if advancement criteria are not met, a fellow may not be invited to continue training a second year; however, opportunity for remediation would be offered before this decision is finalized. 

Important Dates and Deadlines
TBD since recruitment has closed for the current year. 

Application Requirements

Applicants should send the following by e-mail.

The following documents should be submitted at the same time as a completed packet for review (please refrain from sending individual emails).

  • A cover letter
  • A current CV
  • Three letters of reference

Your cover letter is a particularly relevant component of your application and provides you the opportunity to explaing why our fellowship is of specific interest to you, how your prior experiences have prepared you for this fellowship, and what we can offer to expand your training and prepare you for your anticipated career path.

Please consider asking for letters of recommendation from supervisors who can speak to your clinical skills, professionalism, teaching skills, ability to take initiative and manage uncertainty, and your experience and ease working on a team.    

Send to:

Dr. Daniel Mullin, Fellowship Director

c/o Amy Green, Administrative Assistant,

Further details can be found at the APPIC website at:

On-Site Interviews

Select applicants will be invited for in person interviews in Worcester, Massachusetts. In-person attendance at on-site interviews is strongly encouraged. The day will include an orientation to the health center in a group, individual interviews with fellowship faculty, interviews with the current fellows, and a tour of the facility. Interviews usually run from about 8:30am – 2pm and include an informal dinner the evening before the interview with current residents, fellows, and other applicants. We do not cover travel expenses but will cover expenses for one night in the hotel prior to the interview and your dinner/breakfast/lunch for the interview. 

Fellowship Benefits

  • Salary is $42,000 ($44,000 the second year)
  • Three weeks paid vacation
  • Health and dental plans
  • Disability and life insurance
  • $750 professional funds allowance each year

"The fellowship was the perfect capstone to my training and preparation to function as anindependent professional.  The fellowship leaders are the most impactful mentors with whom I had the opportunity to work over the course of the training, the residents are bright and enthusiastic, and the culture is energetic and warm.  I cannot imagine a better setting for a learner interested in a career as a leader in the integration of behavioral health into primary care." 

James Anderson, PhD
Director of Behavioral Science
Hennepin County Family Medicine Residency
University of Minnesota