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LRB Satellite lab

LRB LSRII A-4 laser "Uncle  Fester" Fluorochome Selection Guide

LRB LSRII B-4 laser "Lurch" Fluorochome Selection Guide

Core LSRII A-5 laser "Donald" Fluorochrome Selection Guide

Core LSRII B-3 Laser "Daisy" Fluorochome Selection Guide

The LSR II is a digital multiparameter flow cytometer analyzer. It features the Digital DIVA hardware and software. 

There are 2 LSR II's housed in the Lazare Research Building; LRB LSR A (4B 2V 2R 2UV) "Uncle Fester" has 4 lasers and 10 fluorescent detectors and LRB-LSR B (2B 3V 3R 5YG) "Lurch" has 4 lasers and 13 fluorescent detectors. These LSR II's are primarily for investigator performed analysis and can be used after completing training from the core facility.

The core facility (S5-322) LSR II B-3 "Daisy" (4B 5V 3R) has 3 lasers and 12 fluorescent detectors and is also available for investigator preformed analysis after training. The core facility LSR II A-5 "Donald" (2B 5V 3R 3UV 5YG) has 5 lasers and 18 fluorescent detectors and is frequently reserved for core facility analysis, but experienced investigators are allowed to reserve time after 5:00 PM, or anytime "next day" when available.

Due to their more complex nature, please schedule LSR II experiments that you would like us to run well in advance with any staff member (6-3276).