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COVID-19 Update: Education Resources

Since Massachusetts schools are closed due to COVID-19, you may have questions on how this will impact your child’s education plan and academic progress. Below are some links to helpful resources that have been developed by state and community organizations. Many of these address both general and special education concerns.

The Massachusetts Advocates for Children organized a Q&A handout on special education services during COVID-19 based on guidance from state and federal education offices (updated 4/3/2020). It also offers a sample email you can send to your child’s school if you have concerns about your child’s current IEP plan and how services will be delivered.

Also, consider referring to it's  worksheet as you work with your child’s teacher and school system and come up with a remote learning plan for your child. This is not an IEP amendment but rather a worksheet you can use to guide your conversations. This is a filled out sample worksheet. The Massachusetts Advocates for Children has organized a resource guide, and offers an education helpline: 

English:  617-357-8431 ext. 3224
Español: 617-357-8431 ext. 3237

The Youth Advocacy Foundation complied a Q&A handout on regular and special education due to the COVID-19 school closures. It also provides important tips  for caregivers who think their child may need compensatory services when schools re-open.

Updated 5/8/2020