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Accessing Evidence Based Therapies

How can my child access these services?

Here at the FaCES Clinic, we utilize LINK-KID, a centralized referral system that provides a single point of access to connect youth (ages 0-22) who may benefit from EBT with providers trained in these treatments. LINK-KID maintains an active database of providers across the state trained in trauma-focused EBTs, including information about waitlists, language capacity, and insurances accepted. Parents, caregivers, and child-serving professionals (physicians, teachers, attorneys, etc.) are able to make just one referral to LINK-KID for treatment for their child, rather than make referrals to numerous local mental health agencies. For more information or any questions about LINK-KID, please call 1-855-LINK-KID or email

What services are available while my child waits for their referral?

Simultaneous to your child’s referral to LINK-KID, you may also be referred to our bridging service offered here at the FaCES Clinic. This service lasts between 5-10 sessions scheduled for every other week or longer due to wait times for community-based resources and is intended to temporarily address your child’s therapy needs until a therapist in your community is available. The bridging service can provide a condensed version of TF-CBT meant to introduce some of its components before a child starts full therapy, particularly on 5 main components:

  1. Mental health education
  2. Management of underlying feelings, emotions, and moods
  3. Relaxation skills
  4. Feelings identification
  5. Parenting techniques/support

 If you would like to find more information or have any questions about our bridging services, please contact the FaCES clinic at 774-443-7962 or email