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Upcoming Trainings

Dr. Forkey will be conducting the AAP Trauma and Resilience ECHO training – a weekly online program for pediatricians and their teams, including nurses, physician assistants, social workers, office staff and others, who have an interest in increasing knowledge and improving skills to better assess and manage children & families exposed to adversity and trauma.

  • Level 1 Trauma-Aware training is designed to help the learner develop familiarity with childhood trauma, its presentation in pediatric practice, its impact and effect, and basic skills to be a resource for families. Level 1 training consists of 6 sessions and is next scheduled to run Tuesday at 12 noon EST October 15-November 19, 2019.  

  • Level 2 Trauma-Responsive training is designed to help the learner develop advanced clinical skills in trauma recognition, screening and response, interventions and resources, and competency to implement trauma-responsive care in his/her own practice and to train others. Level 2 training consists of 12 sessions is scheduled to run Wednesday at 4pm EST September 4- November 20, 2019. To be eligible for Level 2, participants will need to participate in Level 1 AAP Trauma and Resilience ECHO or have received equivalent training. 

    For more information or to sign up click here.