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Why UMass EM?

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Monique Arvisais-Anhalt, PGY2:

Coming to UMMS was one of the best decisions I’ve made in life. The Emergency Medicine residency program had me hitting the ground running, allowing me to see the sickest patients on day 1 as an intern. The attendings are down to earth and put a premium on teaching; and the nurses, techs, pharmacists, and respiratory therapists are right there in the trenches with us, excellent at what they do and dedicated to patient care. As a senior resident, I know that UMMS will make me to be the best clinician I can be and support me each step of the way. 

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Danielle Olivier, PGY3: 

Choosing UMass Medical School was one of the easiest and best decisions I've made. The answer is simple. The Emergency Medicine Residency Program not only offers phenomenal clinical training but also welcomes you into the family. UMMS supports you in every way, whether it be professionally or personally. As a third-year resident in this program, I have become one of the best emergency medicine clinicians I can be as a result of the resources and support I receive each and every day. 

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Michael Weiner, PGY3: 

UMass Medical School combines the things that drove me to medicine: the opportunity to help a varied population of people, good people working next to you and abundant opportunities to improve. What I didn't know until I began was how well the work I love to do can be balanced with the life I want to live.