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Manager and HR Consultation

Manager and HR Consultation

You and your front-line managers need the tools and services to help deal with an ever-increasing number of organizational and staff issues that arise virtually every day. The 20% of your work force who will experience life problems account for most involuntary terminations. They file more workers’ compensation claims, are absent more often, and incur more disability costs.

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides supervisors, managers and Human Resource professionals management-focused solutions to help you minimize costs and maximize productivity. When partnering with the EAP, a manager enhances decision making resources and gains an added perspective.

Management consultations are available to supervisors to resolve workgroup problems, including recognizing and referring troubled employees, dealing with behavioral issues and other concerns.  These consultations are related to three personnel situations faced by managers and supervisors: Job Performance, Crisis Intervention, and Employee Conflict. Please click on images below for more details on each of these personnel situations.

Job Performance Image Crisis Intervention Image Employee Conflict Image