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Mindfulness @ UMass Memorial Health Care and Medical School

At our Academic Health Sciences Center of UMass Memorial Health Care and UMass Medical School, wellness is a core value.  A number of resources have been made available to promote wellness across the clinical system and medical school. One of our most important and accessible resources is the practice of mindfulness. Studies, particularly those conducted by our renowned Center for Mindfulness, have shown that practicing mindfulness can engender a variety of physical, psychological and social benefits. 

The  Diversity and Inclusion Office and  UMass Memorial Health Care (including Employee Health, Human Resources, and UMass Memorial Medical Group), have partnered with the Medical School’s Center of Mindfulness and Department of Psychiatry to provide a number of programs and resources that promote the practice of mindfulness as a strategy for managing stress, achieving peak performance, and reaching professional and personal fulfillment.  Follow the links below to learn more. 

Introductory Opportunities

New to mindfulness?  Try an introductory session to gain awareness of the benefits of incorporating mindfulness into a  regular practice for wellness and well-being.  More here.

Learning Opportunities

Mindfulness learning opportunities will deepen your understanding of the benefits of mindfulness and introduce you to ways of developing a mindfulness practice.   These programs are offered in  face to face formats or through online resources that allow you to learn anytime at your own pace.   More here.

Practice Opportunities

Explore how to improve your health and well-being through mindfulness meditation practice. These regular practice sessions are open to patients, medical and mental health professionals, employees, and staff. Cultivate and integrate a culture of mindfulness and improve patient health care, the clinician-patient relationship, and employee well-being.
Mindfulness Meditation Practice Opportunities are available at the following location:

Practice sessions are open to all.  

Memorial Campus
Tuesdays, 7:30 – 8:00 am Memorial 1 Conference Room

We also have Meditation & Prayer room at EB1.104

University Campus
·         UMass Memorial Med Center - 7 East Wednesdays, 1:15 – 1:45 pm 7-East, Family room at the end of the corridor, H7 393 
·         University Campus - ACC Bldg. Self-Guided - The Remillard Mediation Room, 6th Floor ACC Building
·         Lake Side 2 (ICU)-University Campus Thursdays, 9:30 – 10:00 am 

Worcester Recovery Center and Hospital (WRCH)
As requested Guided by: Boris Lorberg, MD

UMMS - South Street campus
Tuesdays 12:15-12:45pm Guided by: Amy Jasinski and Kathleen M. Nolin

Center for Mindfulness
·         Mondays 7:00-8:00 PM (in-person at Hoagland-Pincus Building - 222 Maple Avenue, Shrewsbury, MA, includes discussion )
·         Thursdays 12:10 – 12:50pm (ONLINE – includes discussion)

We recommend using The Remillard Meditation room on the 6th floor of the ACC building for self guided sessions at any time. 

If you have completed Mindfulness Champion training or have mindfulness meditation experience and would like to hold a practice at your work location, please contact  The Center for Mindfulness


Boston Globe has a nice article about Mindfulness exercises reducing stress!

Informative Mindfulness Videos:

What is Mindfulness: 
How Mindfulness Can Help - Change and Transitions:
The Role of Mindfulness in Stressful Situations: 

How Mindfulness Can Help with Craving and Addiction:

“What Does Mindfulness Look Like” 

We have Independent Practice Meditation Cards! If you would like some send a request with subject of "independent meditation desk cards" to this email