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Diversity and Inclusion Events

DIO event

Campus Conversation about Race

On Thursday, nearly 1,000 members of the UMMS community came together on Zoom for “A Campus Conversation About Race: Coming Together to Reflect and Progress.” Organized by the Diversity and Inclusion Office and the Minority Academic Advancement Committee, we were able to support one another while sharing moments of pain, sadness, and frustration, as well as ideas for action and positive momentum. We were able to reaffirm our campus community’s commitment to the inclusion of all. 

Pride Power Passion #UMassCares

Pride, held Nationally each year in June, is a month-long celebration of the LGBTQ+ community’s diversity and unity. Pride celebrations foster community engagement and promote positive changes that strengthen respect and inclusivity. Check here to see the latest information. September is Worcester's local Celebration, which is one of the reasons we have an LGBTQ+ Convocation Luncheon in September as well.

Campus Read

Formally established in 2009 by Chancellor Michael Collins, the Campus Read Program is an academic enrichment initiative designed to provide campus-wide engagement through the reading of a book relevant to health care and health sciences education. The book discussion promotes academic discourse and critical thinking on a topic that is both timely and important for our campus community and our mission areas.  For the past several years, the Campus Read Committee has chosen a book that has been aligned with our goal of increasing cultural competence. Prior to this event, members of our academic medical community come together in small and large discussion groups for critical analysis of the topic.

Convocation Week LGBTA Luncheon

… is an opportunity for the entire academic health science community to come together to welcome and support our LGBT community and to hear from a speaker on LGBT Health issues.

Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration

… is a time when we join the nation in recognizing the many contributions of Hispanic and Latino Americans to the United States while celebrating and recognizing our faculty, staff, residents, post-docs, and students who share a Hispanic heritage and who have contributed so much to our academic health science center’s success.

International Festival

… is an opportunity to promote awareness of the many diverse cultures that make up our academic health sciences center.   DIO hosts an annual International Festival under the sponsorship of the International Committee. The International Festival reminds us that our geographical boundaries are not limited by Central Massachusetts, or the Boston area, or New England and that having diverse cultures is critical to our mission. Our ability to understand different cultures, and, as a result, hold multiple realities leads us to new ways of knowing, groundbreaking research, and innovation. Events like our International Festival where we experience our rich diversity unleash previously unimagined creativity, an especially important attribute in an academic health science center.

Martin Luther King Day Celebration of Service and Black History Month Celebration

… is an opportunity for our community to come together and share the legacy of Dr. King by highlighting the importance of service.  Our theme incorporates Dr. King’s message that “everyone can be great because everyone can serve.”  It is a time for us to recognize the many, many hours of community and global health services that are provided annually by members of the academic medical community to the Worcester Community and around the world.

Our celebration agenda includes a keynote speaker who provides insights for achieving our mission to increase the numbers of underrepresented groups in student, faculty, and staff positions; improve the cultural competence of our workforce; and eliminate health disparities through research, service, and practice.  At our MLK celebrations, faculty, staff, and residents who have contributed to advancing institutional excellence through diversity, civility, and enhancing cultural competence, and reducing health disparities are given awards.  In addition, students are awarded the annual MLK Student Award for Service for their community projects. 

Recognizing the importance of integrating the visual arts and music to promote healing, our celebration extends through Black History Month in February. Traveling photos and art exhibits highlight our diversity and our connection to the community. In an effort to enhance the lives of our patients, families, visitors, and employees, musical concerts and visual art are included as part of the celebration.

Women’s History Month and Women’s Health Month

… allows us to join in the national celebration of Women’s History Month in March to recognize the achievements of women in all facets of life, but particularly in science and medicine. DIO co-sponsors Women’s History Month with Women’s Faculty Committee and Women’s Leadership Work Group and Professional Women’s Committee by hosting a speaker on the national theme.

We join in the national celebration of Women’s Health Month in May to empower women to make their health a priority. National Women's Health Month also serves as a time to help women understand what it means to be well. DIO co-sponsors an Engaged Conversation with a national expert on an aspect of women’s health and the academic medical center community.