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ERG Synergy Project: Books@Work

Come as often as you can! The sessions work best when you attend more. 

The UMass Employee Resource Groups are piloting a synergy project that will build communities of openness, respect, inclusion and belonging. Using facilitated (by a local professor) conversation around a short story, colleagues explore new ideas and deepen the relationships that anchor healthy and productive teams and organizations. It is a data-driven project by the non-profit Books@Work.

Here is a flyer that highlights the benefits of participation.

"[Books@Work] brings a different kind of diversity that's about embracing our differences and understanding them." 

Each week on Wednesday, from March 20th until April 24th, at lunch time (lunch is provided) we will gather in S7-436, University Campus. Please register here. The sessions are first come first served with a preference given for those that can attend more.

What's in it for you?

REFLECT: Take a breather
GROW PERSONALLY: Learn from and with your colleagues
BE YOU, NOT YOUR JOB: Get to know your coworkers as people, not just roles

. . . for the team?

DIALOGUE: Promotes strong, open communication
CONNECTION: Establishes bonds between coworkers
PSYCHOLOGICAL SAFETY: Discuss difficult issues in an open environment

. . . for the organization?

LEARN TOGETHER: opportunity to collaborate and think critically together
BELONGING: creates an inclusive work environment for everyone
SOCIAL WELLNESS: fosters a sense of connection and community

Nuts and Bolts

Where: Location will be S7-436
When: Wednesdays from noon-1:00 on March 20, 27, April 3, 10, 17, 24.
Lunch will be provided. 
How: To sign up for Books@Work?


Curious to learn more?

Check out this introductory video, but know that we will read short stories and not full length books.

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