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LatinX/Hispanic Employee Resource Group

Posted On: Friday, August 17, 2018 Posted By: Sibgha Javaid, Intern DIO Tags: Employee Resource Groups, LatinX/Hispanic Employee Resource Group

This group provides a network that supports the professional development of Hispanic/Latino employees, increases retention and talent acquisition, and works to drive a positive patient experience for all.

Hispanic Heritage Month

The LatinX/Hispanic ERG is co-sponsoring an event along with the Language of Healthcare ERG titled: Hallway Spanish; Learn How to Interact with Fellow Caregivers who Speak Spanish on July 12th, 2018. This event welcomed all caregivers who are interested in learning a few words in Spanish. The event included Spanish speakers from different areas, and Max Grecchi, Education Director for Interpreter Services helped participants understand the context of when interpreters are needed in a clinical setting. As part of the Hallway Spanish Program five basic phrases in Spanish were introduced to participants so that they can interact with Spanish speaking patients at UMass.

Good morning/afternoon (How are you?) - Buenos Dias/ Buenas tardes (Como esta usted?)

Hello, my name is … - Hola, mi nombre es....

How do you do? - Como esta usted?

Thank you, that’s very kind (a warm thank you) - Gracias/Muchas gracias, es usted muy amable

See you soon - Hasta pronto/Adios, nos veremos pronto

 The LatinX/Hispanic ERG is a proud co-sponsor of Hispanic Heritage Month each year.