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GenX and Millennials Employee Resource Group

Posted On: Monday, August 13, 2018 Posted By: Sibgha Javaid, Intern DIO Tags: Employee Resource Groups, GenX & Millennial Employee Resource Group

This group is open to all employees, particularly Gen X and Millennials, who want to understand and embrace the generational workforce differences that ultimately drive organizational success and the best possible patient care. The GenX Millennial ERG is chaired by Matthew Pfleger.

GenX and Millennials ERGOn June 7th, 2018, the GenX Millennial ERG held a Personal Development Workshop along with the Center for Innovation & Transformational Change on How to get to the Next Level through Self-Assessment and Goal Setting. The event was led by Patient Experience Program Manager Ana Mechlin and Process Improvement Specialists, Nick Comeau and Lora Dumas. Through the event, participants learned to discover their area of desired growth (as a leader, coach, project manager, etc.), determined their motivation to work on these areas now in order to identify the risks if they delay action, and used a self-assessment tool to gain self-awareness as to how they think, lead, find purpose, create value, and continuously learn. The three sections of this workshop were a self-assessment, a personal project plan, and personal goal setting. Throughout the workshop, participants also shared with others in the group regarding their goals and aspirations as well as their struggles and why they decided to join the event. The positivity of the event and how to move forward in one’s own personal life or professional life left a sound impact on the participants.