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Center for Diversity Excellence

Deborah Plummer, PhDAs the Commonwealth’s first and only public academic health science center and the largest non-for-profit health care system in Central Massachusetts, diversity is inherent in our mission and integral to our identity. The multiculturalism of the patients we serve, our diverse faculty, staff and student body, and the diverse communities we are part of, create unique opportunities for leveraging our differences as fundamental to our institution’s excellence.  Our work is a global effort enhanced by the great diversity of the local and regional communities in which we live and serve. 

Our diversity efforts strengthen our capacity for vital advancements, for research discoveries that change the world, and for carrying out our shared mission of educating tomorrow’s physicians, research scientists and nurses and delivering the best possible care to every patient.

Deborah L. Plummer, Ph.D.
Vice Chancellor/Chief Diversity Officer
Diversity & Inclusion Office
University of Massachusetts Medical School
UMass Memorial Medical Center

Our Mission:

The Diversity and Inclusion Office (DIO) is the primary vehicle for guiding the diversity and inclusion efforts of the academic health sciences center. The DIO team joins with faculty, administrative, clinical and support staff, residents, postdocs, and students in achieving a high performing, inclusive academic learning community. Through the DIO, a number of resources and services are available that help create an organizational culture that maximizes the potential for diversity to achieve our vision of being one of the nation’s most distinguished academic health science center. The DIO coordinates diversity and inclusion programming and provides oversight of compliance for equal opportunity plans. We embrace diversity in its many dimensions and strive to create an organizational structure that meets the needs of every individual who makes up our community.

Culturally Competent Education
Culturally Responsive Care
Culturally Relevant Research

Diversity and Inclusion Office Brochure (PDF)


Faculty and Staff

Deborah Plummer, Ph.D., VC Diversity & Inclusion

Carla Carten, Ph.D., AVC Diversity & Inclusion

Holly Brown, Executive Assistant

Jesse Edwards, MA, Director, Equal Opportunity

Fernanda Gama, Program Coordinator

Gladys Matos, Diversity Coordinator

John Trobaugh, MFA, Manager

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