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What’s New

A new Sutter Instruments emission filter wheel is located in front of a new Roper Scientific Coolsnap HQ high speed camera.  This filter wheel contains individual emission filters for the quadruple cavity filter cube and FRET cubes.  Since individual excitation filters are located in the illumination filter wheel, the user can acquire images of the sample labeled with up to four fluorophores without changing filter cubes.  The fluorophores that can be used are DAPI, FITC, TRITC/Texas Red and CY5.  This equipment allows for the complete automation of 3-D image acquisition of up to 4 different fluorophores as a function of time.   Specimen temperature and pH can be maintained using the Harvard Medical Systems stage micro-incubator. The new high camera allows for 40X faster image readout and focusing.

There are also new filter cubes for acquiring images of cells labeled with BFP, CFP and YFP and a new filter cube set for Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET) imaging.