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Information for people living with diabetes and their families

  • Jul 10 2019 Tips for travelling with diabetes

    Tips for travelling with diabetes

    Planning and preparation ahead of a trip is very important for people living with diabetes. Review these tips and take action prior to going away.  LEARN MORE

  • Jul 01 2019 Diabetes Insulin Pump and CGM

    Diabetes Management Technology Update – July 2019

    New insulin pumps, infusion devices, continuous glucose monitors and smartphone apps continue to become available.  Learn about the latest technology providing options for people living with both type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes.  FULL ARTICLE

  • May 11 2019 Diabetes pediatric care at UMass Memorial

    A Mother's Poem

    Written by the parent of a child with type 1 diabetes (T1D).  Author Unknown.  READ POEM

  • May 07 2019 Diabetes sick day rules

    Sick-Day Rules

    Follow these best practices when you are sick, to best control your blood glucose.  READ MORE

  • Mar 11 2019 alcohol portion sizes

    Alcohol and Diabetes

    Important information about drinking alcoholic beverages when living with diabetes, including the carbohydrate counts of popular beer, wine and spirits.  LEARN MORE

  • Feb 15 2019 Are You Prepared

    Diabetes Emergency Preparedness Plan

    It is important for people living with diabetes, particularly those who depend on insulin, to be adequately prepared in the event of a natural disaster or emergency.  Putting together a diabetes kit and creating a plan, will ensure that they can effectively manage their condition.  LEARN MORE

  • Feb 06 2019 Exercise for Diabetes Management

    Mission Possible: Weight loss after 40

    By: Lisa Aubin, CNM-ARNP, UMass Memorial HealthAlliance-Clinton Hospital

    While changing hormone levels play a role, a major culprit in midlife weight gain is the loss of muscle mass that naturally comes with aging. Unless we take action to preserve and build lean muscle mass, the lost muscle is replaced by fat, our bodies require fewer calories (muscle burns more calories than fat), and our metabolism slows down — causing us to gain weight.  Here are some tips from Lisa Aubin, CNM-ARNP, UMass Memorial HealthAlliance-Clinton Hospital.  FULL STORY

  • Jan 23 2019 First insulin injection for diabetes in 1922

    The very first insulin injection to treat diabetes

    On January 23, 1922, 14-year-old Leonard Thompson became the first person to ever receive an insulin injection as treatment for diabetes.  LEARN MORE

  • Dec 31 2018 Teresa Cutter

    Tips to Start Eating Fresh & Healthy

    Teresa Cutter is a trained chef, accredited fitness trainer, and best-selling cookbook author in her native Australia.  She explains how the following can get you started eating fresh and healthy right away: changing your habits, developing a plan, keep it simple, buy fresh, and eat smart.  LEARN MORE

  • Dec 21 2018 Seasons Eatings

    Seasons Eatings

    The holiday season is a difficult time to stay on course with healthy eating.  Travel, parties, family meals, cookies and pies and alcohol make managing your diabetes a challenge.  These tips will get you thinking about what you eat, owning what you choose to eat, and planning ahead.  READ MORE

  • Oct 24 2018 Staff Spotlight: Inpatient Diabetes Care at UMass Diabetes Center of Excellence

    Staff Spotlight: Inpatient Diabetes Care at UMass Diabetes Center of Excellence

    One third of patients who enter a hospital have diabetes.  Our inpatient team oversees the many who already have diabetes, and are undergoing a surgery or procedure, or are being treated for another chronic illness, or complication from diabetes.  They also work closely with those getting diagnosed with diabetes for the first time, ensuring that they learn everything needed to leave with “diabetes survival skills.”  Our inpatient team ensures the transition home is smooth, by coordinating necessary medication prescriptions and follow-up appointments. LEARN MORE

  • Aug 15 2018 Diabetes Test Strip Art

    Flights of Freedom: Test Strips Metamorphosis into Butterflies

    Diagnosis with type 1 diabetes at 31 years old, Christine continues to find new ways to challenge herself through mind, body and soul.  She credits Dr. Samir Malkani with helping her keep her blood sugars in target range.  She is passionate about art, and her latest piece titled “Flights of Freedom: Diabetic Test Strips Metamorphosis into Butterflies” was recently on display at a Worcester art gallery. View the butterflies "in flight" and hear from Christine in her own words.  FULL STORY, VIDEO & PHOTOS  

  • Jul 27 2018 Banting and Best Discover Insulin

    Banting & Best: Discovery of insulin

    July 27, 1921 is one of the most important days in the history of diabetes treatment.  On that date, Dr. Frederick Banting, a Canadian surgeon and Charles Best, a medical student, successfully isolated the hormone insulin for the first time.  FULL STORY  

  • Jul 09 2018 My type 1 diabetes diagnosis (in her own words)

    My type 1 diabetes diagnosis (in her own words)

    By: Hailey Lowe

    "My parents were ushered from meeting to meeting, learning what “diabetes” was, how to manage it, how to help me to manage it, and what our new lives were going to be like. As a six-year-old, I wasn’t quite old or mature enough to be included in the meetings. Feeling a little left out, I went to the playroom and played Keep-It-Up with the sweet, teenage volunteer for what felt like hours."  FULL ESSAY

  • Jun 29 2018 Effects of Extreme Heat on Diabetes

    Effects of Extreme Heat on Diabetes

    Hot weather can affect your blood glucose (blood sugar) levels and potentially cause it to rise or fall, causing hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia.  It's recommended that you check blood glucose levels more often during hot weather.  Staying hydrated during extreme heat is very important.  Drink plenty of water and avoid sugary drinks, coffee and alcohol.  Here are some other important tips about managing diabetes in hot weather.  LEARN MORE

  • May 07 2018 Staying Active with Diabetes

    Get Motivated To Walk

    We all know that exercise is great for the body and mind.  Getting motivated to take that first step is often difficult.  Here are some ideas and videos to help get you started.  LEARN MORE

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