Diabetes Research at UMass Medical School

UMass Diabetes Center of Excellence is a unique publically funded institution.  A world-class scientific community and a collaborative interdisciplinary ecosystem that combines basic science, translational research and clinical care.

Under the co-direction of David M. Harlan, MD, and Dale L. Greiner, PhD, the UMass Diabetes Center of Excellence (DCOE) continues to be a leader in the fight against this complex and increasingly common disease.  We have a well-established position at the forefront of diabetes research and innovation, with a long track record of discoveries that have improved the quality of patients' lives and brought science closer to a cure.  DCOE investigators are also pursuing practical, clinically oriented research to more effectively execute therapies currently known to be effective and yet are not widely applied. 

The UMass Diabetes Center of Excellence Difference


Strategy to Prevent or Cure Type 1

The UMass diabetes team has uncovered bold new insights into type 1 diabetes (T1D) development.  We are more likely to prevent or cure it when we fully understand the processes causing the disease, and can then rapidly test preventative strategies.  We are working with our new data and the knowledge acquired using our unique tools with a goal of finding the cure. 


Strategy to Prevent or Cure Type 2

UMass researchers are working on a unique approach to treat type 2 diabetes (T2D) and its complications. We are isolating and greatly expanding specialized cells (called “beige" fat cells), obtained from patients, which are now known to alleviate diabetes. This approach is complemented by exciting research to genetically modify these cells to further improve their therapeutic effects. This work has the potential to move into clinical trials and in the near future, have a major impact on T2D.