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Adult Diabetes Care Team at UMass Memorial

Working as a team to personalize care by providing help with all aspects of diabetes management. Our quality patient care team includes physicians, behavioral psychologists, nurse practitioners, licensed practical nurses, certified diabetes educators, registered dietitians and patient care assistants.

Schedule or Cancel an Appointment; Urgent Medical Issues Related to Diabetes
Call (508) 334-3206, Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm  

After Hours, Weekends and Holidays
Call (508) 334-1000. Ask the operator to page the adult endocrinologist on call 


  • Asem K. Ali

    Asem K. Ali, MD

    Academic Role: Assistant Professor

    Medical School: Omdurman Islamic University, Sudan
    Residency: Texas Tech University School of Medicine
    Fellowship: National Institutes of Health 
    Interest: Adipose Tissue Regulation in Diabetes

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  • Julie R. Chan

    Julie R. Chan, MD

    Academic Role: Assistant Professor

    Medical School: Tufts University School of Medicine

    Residency: Lahey Hospitals and Medical Center

    Fellowship: Lahey Clinic Medical Center

    Interest: Transplant Diabetes

  • Leslie J. Domalik

    Leslie J. Domalik, MD

    Academic Role: Assistant Professor, Medical Director of Inpatient Diabetes Services

    Medical School: University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
    Residency: Duke University Medical Center
    Fellowships: Duke University Medical Center 

    Interests: Inpatient Diabetes Care

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  • Richard A. Haas

    Richard A. Haas, MD, FACE

    Academic Role: Assistant Professor, Director of Gestational Diabetes

    Medical School: University of California at San Francisco
    Residency: Mount Sinai Medical Center & University Health Center of Pittsburgh
    Fellowship: Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center  

    Interests: Gestational Diabetes 

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  • David M. Harlan

    David M. Harlan, MD

    Academic Role: William & Doris Krupp Professor of Medicine, Diabetes Division Chief, Department of Medicine, Co-Director, Diabetes Center of Excellence  

    Medical School: Duke University School of Medicine

    Residency: Duke University Medical Center
    Fellowship: Duke University Medical Center  

    Interests: Tolerance Mechanisms and Organ/Tissue Transplantation, Insulin Dependent Diabetes, Beta Cell Biology, Improving Diabetes Care Systems

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  • Andrea Kassai

    Andrea Kassai, MD, PhD

    Academic Role: Assistant Professor

    Education: University of Debrecen, Hungary Medical & Health Sciences Centre
    Residency: Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island, Alpert Medical School of Brown University
    Fellowship: National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, National Institutes of Health

    Interest: Lipdystrophy 

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  • Stella Lopez

    Stella Lopez, PsyD

    Doctoral Internship: Community Health Link Youth & Family Services, UMass Memorial

    Interests: Child and Family Health Psychology

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  • Kristin L. MacGregor

    Kristin L. MacGregor, PhD

    Academic Role: Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Director of Health Psychology

    Education: Syracuse University
    Fellowship: Edith Rogers Memorial Veterans Medical Center 

    Interest: Diabetes Behavioral Psychology and Medicine 

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  • Samir Malkani

    Samir Malkani, MD

    Academic Role: Professor, Director of Community Engagement and Diabetes Partnership Program

    Medical School:  All-India Institute of Medical Sciences
    Residency: Griffin Hospital, Yale University School of Medicine
    Fellowship: UMass Memorial Medical Center, UMass Graduate Medical Education 

    Interest: Diabetes and Population Health

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  • Matthew A. Niemi

    Matthew A. Niemi, MD

    Academic Role: Assistant Professor

    Medical School: Tufts University School of Medicine
    Residency: Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
    Fellowship: Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

    Interests: Diabetic Kidney Disease and Care

    Clinical Profile      

  • Nina Rosano

    Nina Rosano, MD

    Academic Role: Assistant Professor

    Education: St. Petersburg State Pediatric Medical Academy
    Residency: UMass Memorial Medical Center

    Fellowship: UMass Memorial Medical Center

    Interests: Obesity in Diabetes and Weight Management

    Clinical Profile    Metabolic Weight Loss Program

  • Michael Thompson

    Michael Thompson, MD

    Academic Role: Herman G. Berkman Chair in Diabetes Care Innovation, Ambulatory Physician Leader, Clinical Professor, Chief of Adult Diabetes Clinical Research 

    Medical School: University of Massachusetts Medical School
    Residency: UMass Memorial Medical Center, UMass Graduate Medical Education
    Fellowship: Duke University Medical Center 

    Interests: Clinical Trials and New Diabetes Treatment

    Clinical Profile   

  • Alicia L. Warnock

    Alicia L. Warnock, MD

    Medical School: Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences
    Residency: Naval Medical Center Portsmouth
    Fellowship: National Capital Consortium, F. Edward Hébert School of Medicine
    Interests: Insulin Pump Management, Obesity & Weight Management

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