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Travel Guidance

Last modified date: September 12, 2020

COVID-19 workplace safety update and reminders (September 3, 2020)

There are currently three different travel forms at UMMS/UMMHC which are associated with different travel policies. The form you should complete and the policy you should follow depend on the location(s) in which you will work in the 14 days following return from travel to a ‘high risk’ area.

The UMMS Employee Travel Form should be filled out by employees who work in UMMS locations (e.g. medical school, LRB, ASC, Biotech 2, Clinical Research Center) in the 14 days following return. Until the 14-day quarantine period is complete, entry into UMMS restricted research areas (LRB, ASC, Biotech 2) is not permitted and ID badges will be deactivated.

The UMMHC Travel Form should be completed by school employees who will be working in clinical areas (UMMHC sites, Worcester Recovery Center and other healthcare facilities) in the 14 days following return. This includes dually-employed physicians, residents, fellows and other clinical employees. UMass Memorial and other clinical sites follow the Governor’s Travel Orders and permit a negative test within 72 hours of arrival or testing on arrival with quarantine until a negative test is obtained.

The UMMS Student Travel Form should be completed by all SOM, GSN and GSBS students, whether they are in clinical or non-clinical settings.

The current list of lower-risk states includes:

New Hampshire
New Jersey
New York

Updated travel policy related to COVID-19 in the US and abroad (July 24, 2020)