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Our courses are based on evidence and research

Taking online courses seems easy, and there is an abundance of online courses and training programs.  But how do you cut through the "noise" and make solid, cost-effective choices for yourself or for a healthcare practice or ACO?  

In healthcare cultures, the concept of "evidence-based" is widely accepted as a methodology of choosing among medical interventions; we believe the same should be true for professional development and for workforce development as well. Since our beginnings, the Center for Integrated Primary Care has been collecting data from our participants.  And not just about how well they enjoyed the experience, but we have also done a deep dive into their perceptions of how far their clinical skills have improved.  Some of these results have been published and peer-reviewed, and we share here a sampling of responses to our certificate courses: Primary Care Behavioral Health, Integrated Care Management, and Motivational Interviewing. 

This is an ongoing effort led by our faculty, which has a commitment to offering the best possible information, skills practice, content and support for our CIPC participants.