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Certificate Program in Patient-Centered Healthcare

What is this course about?

This course takes a patient-centered and team-based approach to develop knowledge about healthcare and care coordination that engages patients and supports their efforts to heal.

Who should take this course?

This course has been built for medical assistants, nurses, social workers, and others who work as part of a team of healthcare professionals.  These are the individuals who typically provide care coordination or are part of a larger care management group.  Their titles might be "care-coordinator", "patient navigator", or "health coach". 

Their responsibilities may vary from practice to practice but their role is an important one as they provide outreach to build relationships with patients particularly in situations where the engagement between the person and the health system is likely to fail: transitions of care, barriers to access, poor fit between the person’s social skills or medical understanding and the level of either required to maintain health or to access care. 

Why should I take this course? Should my staff take this course?

Leading healthcare thinkers and researchers have been recommending team-based, integrated care for over a decade.  In the next wave of healthcare reform, the concept of "patient-centered care" is emerging as key.  Our healthcare practices need more personnel who can extend the relationships patients have with their PCPs and provide empathetic and supportive care that matches the needs of individual patients. 

Individuals struggling with diabetes, depression, cardiac disease, asthma and many more chronic health conditions commonly seen in primary care often need more than a medical intervention.  Team members who understand how to navigate the medical neighborhood, and work with registries and care plans can be a lifeline for people coping with chronic illnesses that put their health and/or social functioning at risk.

Practices are searching for those trained in this biopsychosocial approach.

Program Details

  • There are no prerequisites; the course is built to be able to customize content for nurses, social workers, medical assistants, etc.
  • We offer this training two times each year - once in the Fall and once in the Spring
  • 21 pre-recorded e-learning modules include core principles as well as special topics:  Core Content (required), Special Populations, Bio-Medical, and Psychosocial;  all are available online 24/7
  • Completion of 15 modules is required for the Certificate, but all modules are available for viewing to registered participants 
  • Participants  receive invitations to optional monthly live, online Q&A sessions with UMass faculty 
  • Continuing Education credits available, registered users have 13 weeks to complete requirements for CEs  - click HERE for details

PCH Course Schedule 

  • Registration Opens: 9/1/2020
  • Registration Closes: 2/5/2021
  • Course Opens: 2/1/2021
  • Last Day to Finish Requirements: 4/30/2021

Cost Information

  • The individual cost is $600, Discounts are available for groups of 10+ (Please contact
  • Refund Policy - click here for details
  • We accept Credit Card, Check, or Institutional PO