Clinical rotation opportunities in China are available to UMMS students.  If you are interested and would like to have additional information, please

Contact China Program Office

Advisory Committee

Executive Advisory Committee


Dr. Michael Collins

Scientific Program:

Dr. Craig Mello

Translational Program:

Dr. Terry Flotte

Educational Program:

Kathy Teehan

Strategy & Government Relation:

Allan Guo

UMass System:

Dr. Marcie Williams

IP/Technology Transfer:

Dr. Jim McNamara

UMassMed coordination:

Brendan Chisholm

Program Advisory Committee

 Global Health Strategy:                      Dr.  Katherine Luzuriaga
 Medical Education:                Dr. Michele Pugnaire
 Graduate Medical Education:              Dr. Deborah DeMarco
 Graduate Student Education:       Dr. Anthony Carruthers
 Nursing Education:       Dr. Paulette Seymour-Route
 Stem Cells:       Dr. Gary Stein
 RNAi:       Dr. Michael Czech
 Vaccine:       Dr. Shan Lu
 Biotech:       Dr. Donna Ambrosino
 Genetic testing:       Dr. John Landers
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