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De-stress.    Build Resilience.    Flourish.

Mindfulness in Medicine

It is possible to learn to manage stress, depression and anxiety while at the same time performing with skill, ease and creativity. Learn how focusing on the present moment with curiosity can help.  Programs offered here at UMASS are designed solely for this purpose.

Access to these programs has improved:  Effective immediately, three core programs are now added to your options for using UMMHC Employee Wellness dollars and your FSA (Flexible Spending Account) dollars.  

For Flexible Spending Accounts:

Simply have your provider’s office staff complete the Physician Statement and your tuition for these programs can be reimbursed by your Benefit Strategies account funds.  Ready to sign up for a program? Great!

1. Review the programs and find the one that is right for you and register:

2. Bring the appropriate Physician Statement to your PCP’s office for completion.  
Click below for appropriate document  - all qualify as conditions that can be helped with our programs:

3. Submit the Provider Statement and your program tuition invoice to Benefit Strategies to get reimbursed!


For UMMHC Employee Wellness:

1. Check for your dollar balance to make sure you have the funds to cover your program of interest.

2. Review the programs and find the one  that is right for you and register:

3. Submit your program tuition invoice, following the instructions of your Employee Wellness program

It’s that easy!