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MBSR Teacher Certification | SR-405

SR-405MBSR Teacher Certification

The Center For Mindfulness Teacher Certification is the internationally recognized standard of practice for teachers of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. MBSR Teacher Certification acknowledges a teacher’s in-depth comprehension and skillful delivery of the MBSR curriculum, and accedes all teaching competencies meet practice standards as established by the Center for Mindfulness.

Effective April 2016:

  • Upon acceptance, tuition of $1275 is due
  • MBSR Teacher Certification materials/portfolio must be submitted in English or with transcripts/translations
  • MBSR Teacher Certification materials/portfolio must be submitted electronically (submissions by mail/post will no longer be accepted)

Applicants submit a Portfolio that includes:

  1. Personal and Professional Statement (Reflections on your understanding of the embodied ethos of MBSR and the rule/responsibility of the teacher. See TCR rubric below.)
  2. Curriculum class plans, including times, duration and dates for eight classes, orientation and the all-day class
  3. Entire, unedited video recording of class five (If co-teaching, a video of solo teaching must be recorded)
  4. Workbook and/or home practice sheets
  5. Audio recordings of four (4) formal practices as presented in the MBSR classroom (standing yoga, lying down yoga, body scan, sitting meditation)
  6. Supervision Reflection and Assessment document (completed by both supervisor and supervisee)
  7. Dates, titles and locations of all qualifying retreats
  8. List of all 8-week MBSR courses taught - with dates, number of participants and location
  9. Three (3) letters of recommendation from professional colleagues or referrals.  Letters should not be from students or non-supervisory mentors.
  10. Graduate degree, or submission of Graduate Degree equivalency documentation.
Application materials are reviewed by a CFM senior teacher. Applicants may receive recommendations for further study or be asked for clarification.  Such suggestions are in support of teachers’ ability to bring deeper understanding, growth, and embodiment of the principles and demonstrated practices to their MBSR classes. Successful outcome leads to CFM Certified MBSR Teacher status.

For your reference please click here for the rubric used by instructors when reviewing your portfolio (PDF).


Please allow up to 6 months from time of submission to final determination.


Learning Objectives

  • Produce a capstone project portfolio, demonstrating integration of attributes of the teacher, prior learning and skills development in MBSR teaching
  • Reflect on and articulate personal and professional ethical code in relationship to one’s teaching
  • Demonstrate results of your learning and skills development through feedback from your participants and colleagues


  • Authorized to teach the complete 8-week MBSR course to the general public as an MBSR Certified Teacher through the Center for Mindfulness at University of Massachusetts Medical School -OR –
  • Continue to refine understanding and skills, as indicated by the reviewer by:
    • Attending other Oasis Institute training programs or additional retreats
    • Additional study and reflection on specific learning components
    • Additional MBSR teaching
    • Revision of course materials
    • Additional supervision
    • Resubmitting your application after completion of the above additional requirements
  • Important note: the awarding of Teacher Certification in MBSR does not indicate approval by the CFM for training other MBSR teachers
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