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MBSR Individual Supervision | SR-404

SR-404MBSR Individual Supervision

Individual supervision is a dynamic relational process of inquiry and dialogue with a CFM senior teacher via videoconference or phone to explore issues and questions that arise in teaching the 8-week MBSR course. Supervision fosters greater self-knowledge, presence, specificity, skill and comprehensiveness in teaching. The supervisee is invited to look deeply into the experience of teaching with the trustworthy support of the guiding teacher, inquiring into "branch points" of teaching choices, internal assumptions, reactions, confusions, or to explore questions regarding intention, comfort, fear, relational issues, challenging participants, and/or personal patterns which may or may not be recognized by the supervisee. At times, the supervisor may offer particular assignments to investigate while teaching, as well as materials, articles and suggestions for further study and reflection. The MBI-TAC is used to support investigation into superviseeĀ¹s learning edges, as well as noting strengths and attributes.

Scheduling and Timing

  • The 10 sessions of supervision are scheduled to coincide with your teaching of a complete 8-week MBSR program including: each MBSR class meeting, the Orientation session, and the All-day session
  • Completing all 10 sessions is required for certification and a bi-directional Reflection and Assessment evaluation is completed by both supervisee and supervisor
  • Please apply for supervision a minimum of 8 weeks prior to the orientation date of the 8-week MBSR course you will be teaching.  The Oasis Institute will do its best to assign a supervisor based on availability and the timing of your 8-week MBSR course schedule
  • Supervision sessions are 50-60 minutes long, typically conducted online via videoconference or by phone
  • Supervision for co-teachers is available with certain additional components.  Contact Oasis Institute for more information on co-teacher supervision
  • The supervision program must be completed within a 12 week period


Learning Objectives

  • Investigate and practice embodiment of present-moment awareness and relationality in the supervision meeting itself
  • Investigate and strengthen skills in MBI-TAC domains
  • Demonstrate capacity to focus on key growing edges through a collaborative process with the supervising teacher


  • Develop greater confidence in conveying the attitudes and attributes of an MBSR teacher
  • Develop skills in conveying knowledge of MBSR curriculum, principles and relevant research
  • Demonstrate capacity to grow through focus on difficult moments in class
  • Determine actions for future development, that may include preparation for TE-600 MBSR Teacher Certification Review
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