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Mindfulness-Based Professional Education

Many of the world’s leading MBSR teaching professionals have received their training from the Oasis Institute.

Oasis Institute is the heart of the Center for Mindfulness' (CFM) training and certification programs for professionals. As the world’s longest-running, academic-based mindfulness practice, training and research organization, we offer comprehensive educational opportunities for professionals at many stages throughout their careers.

Oasis Institute

MBSR Teacher Education & Certification (TE)

A 5-course educational pathway to becoming a CFM Certified MBSR Teacher, typically completed over 36 months, with courses offered both domestically and abroad.

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Continuing Education and Electives

Continuing education programs, electives, workshops, retreats and individual professional consultation for MBSR teachers, teacher trainers and other qualified professionals.

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Why choose the Oasis Institute for your professional education?

  • Teachings are based on knowledge gleaned from continuous teaching and participant data collected in the UMass Medical School Stress Reduction Clinic since 1979
  • Program longevity and exceptionally experienced teaching staff
  • A refined and improved MBSR curricula embodying world-standards in teaching competencies and research

Who does Oasis Institute serve?

Professionals who:

  • are interested in integrating mindfulness into their professional and educational fields
  • have personal dedication to contemplative practices/lifestyle and want to integrate mindfulness-based practices into what they offer the world
  • want to enhance their own lives and those they serve

Our Philosophy

Oasis Institute has a fundamental objective - to foster a direct, experiential understanding that inner experience, intuition, imagination, and non-conceptual awareness are as crucial and valid as objective, evidence-based knowledge in teaching MBSR.

Teacher formation requires your ongoing commitment to learning as much as possible about your own personality and patterns of relating, and recognition of your body as a vehicle for understanding mindfulness. This ongoing process may include:

  • Ongoing self-inquiry and inner work such as psychotherapy or counseling
  • Mindfulness meditation – daily practice and silent retreats to deepen your understanding of what it means to be a fully prepared and qualified MBSR teacher
  • Training in mindful hatha yoga and in other forms of body-centered awareness practice
  • Completion or pursuit of a professional graduate degree or submission of Graduate Degree equivalency documentation. This includes a capacity for intellectual understanding of the scientific, medical, and educational roots of MBSR, and the ability to articulate these essential aspects of the teaching.

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