Participate in a Study

Want to helps us figure out the science behind mindfulness?

The Therapeutic Neuroscience Lab is committed to investigate the brain mechanisms behind mindfulness, and use this knowledge to develop new ways to augment mindfulness. Over the years, many people have helped us by volunteering as research participants, for which we are very grateful.

The Therapeutic Neuroscience Lab is currently recruiting volunteers to participate in the following studies:

Join the Database for MBSR Studies

We are currently building a database of Stress Reduction Program (SRP) participants who would be willing to be contacted about future research studies. If you are interested please send an email to the address below. Your name will then be added to the database and you may be contacted in the future. We will then provide information about the study (e.g. time commitment, what we are studying, and answer all questions) before you decide if you want to participate in the study.

To sign up please contact Susan Druker:  Email or by phone: (508) 856-5529.