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Meet Jen Fournier - Mindful Eating Facilitator

Date Posted: Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Jen Fournier, RDN, LDN, first found her way to the Center for Mindfulness in 2000 when she Jen Fournier, RDN, LDNstarted work as a Registered Dietician at UMass Medical School, in the same building as the CFM - but not until after several interesting careers. These included working as a pharmacy technician, rescuing a commercial bakery from bankruptcy and then running a large, corporate donut operation.
"One of the things I learned in the baking business was that the repetitive process of making bread and donuts is meditative. In retrospect, mindfulness was happening without my even knowing it," said Jen.
After completing her first 8-week MBSR class and then taking some CFM professional development courses, Jen found mindfulness "creeping into her work" as a registered dietician. The hunger scale and mindful exercises, along with other mindful questions such as "where are you when you eat?" began supporting her work with patients and clients.

Jen has since become certified as a Facilitator for Mindful Eating after completing a 2-year apprenticeship at the CFM. She describes facilitating the weekly group sessions as a rich experience, feeling honored and privileged to be a witness to what people are finding their way through, and how those discoveries are leading to behavior changes.
"The group sessions are driven by what's 'in the group, in the moment.' I may end up teaching something about the brain or physiology as a result of topics raised. We don't talk much about food from a nutrition stand point," she said.
She describes the Eat Right Now app as a fantastic tool that people both love and resist - for different reasons. And, that coupling the app with the group experience is key because people are different, and this app plus group combination gives them a greater possibility for some variety of success.
"As a Mindful Eating facilitator, I am there to hold a space and help the participants awaken to the strength of what's within them. It's my favorite part of what I do," she concluded.

Register now for Mindful Eating -  a rolling admissions, open-ended course. Participants can join any time.

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