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Mindfulness@Work: Learning to be Mindful in the Workplace


For Employees and Staff

Learn mindfulness skills aimed at enhancing attention, productivity, communication, mastery and more

Mindfulness@Work™ is a six session course designed to teach you a wide range of mindfulness skills aimed at enhancing attention, concentration, productivity, communication, mastery and self care. Through experiential exercises, didactic presentations, and interactive group formats, participants will systematically explore the application and integration of mindfulness practice at work and in everyday life.

Made clear and pragmatic through direct experience, Mindfulness@Work™ optimizes your own inner resources for learning, growing, healing and for integrating mindfulness into the workplace.

Mindfulness practice has been linked to boosts in focus and productivity, improved mental clarity and an overall reduction in stress and anxiety.

In today's digitally demanding world, mindfulness practice can also help create the time and opportunity to be our most effective - in both the workplace and everyday life.