Kindness: An Online Weekend Retreat of Practice and Self Care

Kindness: An Online Weekend Retreat of Practice and Self Care

Friday May 18
7:00 - 9:00pm EDT
(this session is required to participate in the rest of the retreat)

Saturday May 19
8:30am - 4:30pm EDT
Sunday May 20
8:30am - 1:30pm EDT

Tuition: $200

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For graduates of an 8-week MBSR or MBCT course, or for those with an established mindfulness practice.

Slowing down and turning toward ourselves with kindness isn’t easy: we live in a world where being overextended and ignoring or downplaying our own pain and stress can seem normal, maybe even admirable. The Kindness Retreat is an opportunity to pause and offer your precious mind, wise body, and tender heart what is most helpful and kind—and to support others who want to do the same. Separated by time zones, we will come together in a timeless zone—a virtual heart space in which this weekend retreat will unfold.

Designed for graduates of the MBSR or MBCT course (or for those who have an established formal mindfulness practice), this offering is for anyone who wants to step away from their usual goings-on to see more clearly what is actually called for. From there, you will be invited to give to yourself whatever that may be, and to hold the space for others to extend care and kindness to themselves. Nourishing all of who you are, while holding yourself to a high standard of practice, will form the foundation of this retreat.

From drinking a cup of tea, to sitting in silence, to having periods of deep rest, we will weave informal practices alongside the formal, meeting ourselves and each other exactly as we are. Each offering beyond the Friday night session is optional: you are your own best teacher, and are encouraged to care for yourself according to life circumstances and needs. Show up however you may find yourself—excited, grumpy, calm, anxious, discouraged, and so on—just show up. It wouldn’t be the same retreat without you. 

Retreat Objectives

  • Live an entire weekend with the intention to tend kindly to yourself
  • Practice mindfulness in a physical space where your life actually takes place
  • Experience group practice virtually, with meditators from various areas of the world
  • Stop ignoring your own pain and suffering, and instead, hold what you feel in kindness
  • Hear teachings about kindness and self-care

Retreat Outcomes

  • Be reminded of what matters most to you
  • Recognize the potential for a friendlier relationship with yourself and others
  • Recommit to formal and informal ways of seeing—and meeting—the moment with freshness and curiosity
  • Continue to explore ways of self-care and kindness beyond the weekend

Rebecca Eldridge, MFA, MAYour Instructor

Rebecca Eldridge has taught mindfulness to cancer survivors, people in chronic pain, medical and mental health professionals, the military, lay ministers, and monastics, and was featured giving meditation instruction in two online courses taught by Pema Chödrön: Making Friends with Yourself and How to Live with Compassion and Courage. Before joining the teaching faculty at the Center for Mindfulness, she offered the MBSR course in person and online in Coastal Virginia, and served as a hospice volunteer and co-founder of The Integrative Medicine Community of Coastal Virginia. Prior to her work in mindfulness, Rebecca taught literature and creative writing at Christopher Newport University and worked as an information developer in the tech field.
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