Waking up personally and as one offers oneself to teaching an MBSR class

In our personal meditation practice, we learn to open-up and move-in closely to direct experience as it expresses through the body, mind and heart.

As teachers, when we enter the MBSR classroom, this same practice is engaged as we expand the field of awareness to include the multiplicity of experiences expressed in the life ot the MBSR class community.

As the program unfolds, week-to-week, we open to spontaneity as this unique community of participants engages and expresses interest, willingness, judgment, struggle, opinions, interest, curiosity, resistance, doubt, fears and joy.

At the same time, moments of awareness, insight and the possibility of freedom are discovered. Staying open to the ever-changing dynamic climate of a minfulness-based clasroom asks us to be true to our own experience of the moment, to the unfolding flexibility of the curriculum as well as to the gestalt of the community.

Cultivating non-judgmental, curious attention allows the teacher to look deeply at the construction of a "me" who is teaching, as well as the creation of stories about oneself and others. The MBSR teacher inhabits the emergent interplay of form and essence, flexibility and strength, while allowing transparency, compassion and inquiry into questions of "What is this?" and, "What is it called for now?".

Choosing to stay with what is actually here, responding to and embracing the unfolding complexity of each moment and all it contains, is the heart of waking up personally and as one offers oneself to teaching an MBSR class!

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