CommonGood Integrated Platforms

The Network of CFM Affiliates

CommonGood is the embodied relationship of MBSR affiliates around the world. Being so, it has enormous potential for supporting, sustaining and furthering mindfulness in the world through member alignment regarding Standards of Practice, professional and continuing education, ongoing assessment of MBSR teachers and programs, and multi-site and team science.  

International Network Data Registry for the Assessment of Mindfulness-Based Interventions

Looking through the lens of population health, the CFM has established the first of its kind comprehensive research registry for mindfulness practices, practitioners and patients. With the support of UMMS Department of Information Technology, INDRA-M, will be capable of collecting large amounts of data from CommonGood affiliates worldwide in order to amplify our understanding about MBSR. The data collected by this registry will support comparative effectiveness research, care quality improvement, return on investment analysis, patient satisfaction, evaluation of short and long-term patient outcomes in relationship to healthcare system, practitioner and patient characteristics.  

A Virtual Online Community  

cfmHOME is a virtual online community employing cutting edge technology focused on creating an interactive social portal where MBSR participants, teachers, clinicians, scientists, educators, colleagues and friends can interact. It is designed to connect, mobilize and deliver trustworthy resources to current and new CFM global constituents. cfmHOME features 'rooms' for science, meditation, MBSR teachers and teacher trainees, community chats, library and video resources. This portal will function as a highly interactive resource for all CommonGood affiliates.  

Together, these three platforms provide the infrastructure for a vibrant community of CommonGood affiliates and create a firm foundation for the development of MBSR Centers of Excellence.